TikTok in numbers and how to use it for food advertising

TikTok has now been around for a while, but it is still not quite clear to a lot of marketing professionals how the platform can be of use for food marketing. Is it not only about dancing and performance? Our answer is no, as TikTok has developed to a big player in the German market. If you are selling to the younger audience, it might be your next place to be (and advertise). We shed some light on the opportunities, cost and benefits of food marketing on this hyped Social Media channel.

What is TikTok and who is it for?

TikTok is a social network for video clips of 3-60 seconds, where users perform short “acting” scenes of different kinds. In Germany, there are currently above 12 million monthly active users on the platform, mainly in the age group of 13-34. So, if you are selling products for the 60+ audience, TikTok might not be the place to go to yet. The average CPM currently lies below 5€, which makes it a very interesting platform to invest in at this moment in time. For sure, prices will change over time as we have seen it with all other growing platforms, too.

Regarding organic brand content, a brand does not have to have a huge amount of followers to be successful on TikTok, which can be a great advantage. As on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, organic reach is not very high anymore (often below 5%), TikTik allows an organic post reach of above 100%, which means that you can show your videos to many more people than only the ones that actually follow you. The average engagement rate of 6-8% is also still extremely high at the moment.

If you want to market a food product, you can also be assured that there is space for your brand, as food is actually among the top content categories in the German user base (among the obvious ones like comedy, fashion or tutorials).

Advertising opportunities on TikTok

Top View & Top View Lite

In Top View, your brand receives a 24h exclusive 3-60 sec long video spot at the platform’s entry screen. The sound is on and your brand gets the full screen - and with that the full attention of the user. Great for reach campaigns with a broad audience, but of course also a little more pricey, with bookings starting at above 70,000€ in the German market. In the cheaper Top View Lite version, your brand can book a 3 sec. image or a 3-5 sec. video with the sound off. Both Top View variants have a great video view rate of up to 46% and up to 19% CTR depending on the product.

In Feed Ads

With those 3-60 sec videos, you can tell your brand story just like a TikTok creator by integrating your video content into the user’s “For You” page, where around 50% of all interaction on Tiktok happens. Users can interact with your ad by liking, commenting, sharing and so on, and the engagement rate is - with around 4% - still quite high. For less than 30,000€, this format can bring a lot of awareness and really tell your story.

Branded Hashtag Challenge or Branded Effect

Feeling like you really want to get your audience going and kickstart some User Generated Content (UGC)? Then this might just be the solution for you. Create a hashtag challenge or a fun video effect to make the users interact with your brand in a fun environment, unleashing the potential of their creativity and skyrocketing their engagement. Both solutions are quite an investment (not below 100,000€ for example for a hashtag challenge), but generate video views of 50-100 million and up to 13% engagement rate, so the results are great.

What to be aware of when advertising on TikTok

TikTok considers itself a place for people to be real, and that is also what is expected of companies. The community values joyful experiences and “the real stuff”, so creating so-called TikToks instead of classic ads is highly important for the success of a campaign. Your brand has to be authentic and go with the flow of the community in order to be seen, liked and remembered. Many international players have already tried this new channel, mainly for reach and image campaigns, and time will show how things develop in the long run. However, trying TikTok out right now with either organic or ad content can be a great chance for both small and large food companies to engage with a young, potentially strategic audience.

If you would like to know how a young startup brand can win with the help of simple, organic TikTok content, read our interview with Mark from Cookie Bros, who skyrocketed their offline sales with a simple trick on TikTok. If you are interested in using TikTok for your business, find more information on the platform’s business section here. And if you would simply like to start by understanding the platform and its users as well as your opportunities a little better, we are happy if you just reach out to us via

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