Startup interview with vegan ice cream brand NOMOO

German startup NOMOO produces plant based ice cream in many delicious flavors. To get the perfect recipe for vegan but still creamy variants is not that easy, yet the two founders Rebecca and Jan and their team keep up with this exciting challenge. How they do it, what they think about the vegan market in general and how they see the future for plant based consumption? We found it out in our latest startup interview.

Rebecca, producing creamy & delicious plant-based ice cream is still not that easy for many flavors. What exactly drives you and the team to face this challenge?

"We love everything that is challenging, otherwise we would probably be bored ;-)

But all kidding aside: When we started the company, we set ourselves the goal of revolutionizing the entire dairy ice cream market, by showing that plant-based ice cream can be extremely tasty. It is very important for us to just have the right motivation.

Animal-based foods have a much larger carbon footprint and are huge drivers of our

our climate problems. That's why we urgently need more plant-based foods that also taste delicious, so that consumers have a real alternative. Using ice cream as an example, dairy ice cream produces three times as much CO2 than a plant-based ice cream. We are proud that the plant-based ice cream category is now growing so strongly, by around 30% per year - as after all, we were the first German brand to start producing only plant-based ice cream. In ten years, we want such products to be the absolute standard, so that hardly anyone will be consuming milk ice cream anymore."

Jan, what was the most difficult hurdle you had to overcome in production so far?

And how did you handle it?

"By committing to using only plant-based, natural and organic ingredients, we had to rethink the production of ice cream to a certain extent. The topic is a little complicated because we are reducing the sugar content by about 30% compared to conventional ice cream. In terms of taste, we quickly had it figured out, but the tricky part is the texture. Ice cream is a very sensitive product, and even the smallest mistakes in the recipe can lead to a consistency that is not as you want it. The missing 30% sugar also can have a bad effect on the creaminess. It actually took years of work on the formulas, which continues to this day

and which has allowed us to replace milk, cream and eggs as well as artificial binders and emulsifiers. The result is now more than worth seeing (and tasting). But we are still far from "it´s all done" and we are looking forward to the latest innovations from our ice cream laboratory each day."

How do you see the development of the consumers and the market? What´s your perception of the vegan trend and also the new nutritional awareness since the Corona crisis?


"We see veganism as an unstoppable future trend and it's fun to observe how the range of plant-based foods is growing from year to year. Corona definitely gives people more time in the supermarket to discover new products, to get to know them and to try them out. If I suddenly can't go to a cool café anymore, then I I want to make myself comfortable at home with something delicious and reward myself. This is when NOMOO comes into play :)"

Thank you Rebecca and Jan for this very interesting insight and good luck for a very successful future development of NOMOO!

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