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We are Laura (left), our Head of Digital, and Katharina, Head of POS Marketing, and we are passionate foodies and creative minds. With a great team, we decided to support food & beverage brands on the competitive German market. With a strong focus on international companies and their export efforts, we are building a unique bridge between countries, because food unites the world. And here is why we love what we do:

Already a long time ago, we decided to focus our professional career on the food sector and FMCG, and both Laura and Katharina now look back on 10+ years professional experience in marketing and e-commerce in the German retail and hospitality sector. Nevertheless, starting our own marketing agency with a purpose, vision and a very specific topic did not happen overnight…

Our founder Katharina started her professional career in banking & finance, but it did not take long until she realized that her true passion would have to be fulfilled in a different industry. With a passion for food, home cooking and restaurant visits, she found the “perfect job” in the food industry a couple of years later in her first internship at Unilever Hamburg. Ever since, her knowledge about the German food sector has been growing every year, as she worked in brand management, trade marketing and key account management, both for multinational corporations as well as startups and SME´s of all sizes. In her role as a full time employee, she specialized in the point of sale, the needs of the German retail sector and how to strategically develop and control a food & beverage brand. As a freelancer for a large communications agency, this knowledge was topped with a deep understanding for on-point creative concept development and outstanding food & beverage branding. However, only as Katharina moved to Copenhagen in early 2018, starting her own marketing agency seemed like the right thing to do.

In many meetings, local companies interested in the German market made clear that they actually needed professional expertise, which is more than only speaking the language. An idea was born, and in order to deliver the best service for her future clients, Katharina´s perfect co-founder was already decided on.

Foodie, sake sommelière and outstanding online marketing specialist Laura is SPOONFUL´s Head of Digital, so that the agency was able to offer the two most important pillars in food & beverage marketing right from the start: retail and e-commerce. Laura´s 10+ years at digital experts such as Zalando, Outfittery or the German Otto Group turned her into a one-of-a-kind online marketing specialist who knows exactly how to drive traffic and engage a digital audience. Her performance campaigns are a great example for how to transform taste into an on-screen-experience that sells.

As an expert in Japanese cuisine, tea and sake culture as well as events, Laura also knows how to engage audiences in the offline-world, especially the hospitality sector. With her great sense for new trends and outstanding concepts, she is also our trend scout and food connoisseur for everything besides the mass market.

Together with our large German network of freelancers, cooperating agencies, startup accelerators and sales partners, we have set a clear goal for SPOONFUL: we support international SME´s to export to and grow in the German food & beverage industry. We also work with a couple of German startups and help them make the best of a (usually) tighter budget. In other words: we are the right agency for you, if your current strategy is all about brand growth, awareness and digitalization in the food & beverage sector.

At SPOONFUL food + beverage marketing, you get a full-service agency with a strong strategic and analytical mind, but a creative heart working in a virtual agency environment. With clients from various countries and offices in Copenhagen, Denmark & Hamburg, Germany, the SPOONFUL team works fully remotely, which enables a high degree of flexibility, agile structures and creative concept work with the best experts for every project. If you would like to grow and scale your brand in the German food & beverage market, just drop us a message and we will make sure to find the best solutions for you. Because sometimes, a SPOONFUL is all it takes…

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