Meet the team: our founder & Head of POS Marketing Katharina

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The story of our virtual agency only started in 2018, hence the story behind our founder´s love for food, cooking and food marketing traces way further back. For the past 10 years, Katharina has been working in the food industry in several marketing, trade marketing and sales positions and this love for food and beverages is still an important part of her business today.

What is Katharina´s background before the idea for SPOONFUL food + beverage marketing was born?

As stated on SPOONFUL´S website: “We are passionate foodies & creative minds”, this is exactly what Katharina is. With a background in marketing & sales in large, multinational corporations, she has learned everything about how a great brand sells well in the competitive German market. The larger a company gets though, the slower it naturally moves. That is why she decided to drop out of her corporate career in 2015 to work self-employed in a more agile environment. As a freelance marketing consultant, most of her projects still took place in the food & beverage category, and as Katharina moved to Copenhagen in 2018, a new idea caught fire.

How our virtual marketing agency came to life

Not only German food & beverage startups sometimes struggle with the competitiveness of the market and consumers as well as buyers that are hard to convince. Especially when one starts looking abroad, brands that come from a different market but want to export to Germany face some serious issues. Not only is the language still a very important part of retail negotiations in Germany, but also taste, business culture and consumer loyalty towards a non-local product can be very different. This is something Katharina learned in a lot of discussions with Danish export and marketing consultants as well as startups or medium-sized corporations aiming at the German market. When she started looking around and into other European markets, the same was true there.

But there has not been any marketing agency that actually specialized on this specific interest – supporting international brands with a local marketing strategy executed by German experts who know the market, retail and consumer.

Katharina says: “This founding process took quite a while, because as any other brand, we were thinking a lot about our positioning and which target group to speak too. But we quickly found that there is an intense need for “intercultural marketing support” if that is what you would like to call it. We are specialized in helping brands to get a foothold in the German market and grow their brand when it is still relatively unknown. We work with some great products that usually already have some export experience but now want to enter one of the largest industries of the planet, and they know very well that they will not succeed doing it alone without local partners. And as a funny side effect, there are also German startups as well as SME´s who would like to work with us now, because they have exactly the same issue: great product or service, but not enough awareness – and that is where we step in to make a change.”

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