Meet the team - Laura, our Head of Digital

Food is the new fashion? If there is one person in our team who knows best, it is our Digital Expert Laura!

After 11 years in various exciting online marketing position, it was time for something completely new for Laura in 2017. With previous employments at big players like Hugo Boss, C&A and start-ups like Outfittery and Zalando, Laura had learned everything you can think of when it comes to digital marketing and brand building. And for her friends & family, it would have been clear which next step to take. But Laura wanted something new, even though the change came completely unplanned: "If someone had told me three years earlier that I would become a trained sake sommelier giving marketing support to Food & Beverage start-ups by now, I probably would have laughed out loud at my Vogue!" (The Vogue subscription has since then of course been replaced by the “Lebensmittelzeitung).

The big change finally started in 2017 with becoming a marketing freelance consultant and the move to Hamburg, where a Japanese friend introduced Laura to sake and green tea. The immersion in a completely different world, which was new territory, finally led to the IHK Sake Sommelier exam and the marketing support of a Japanese organic tea company, and showed Laura how much love and passion she could put into her work for food and beverage products. As a foodie in private, she could now take this passion into work each morning. This led to a completely new professional focus, even though her deep understanding for trends and consumer insights never ended of course.

Laura´s network in Hamburg grew and she met our founder Katharina a couple of months later, who had already been "at home" in the food industry for many years. Both quickly realized that their interests are exactly the same, but their different skillsets complemented each other perfectly - the best founder-duo situation they could think of. Laura´s long experience in performance, social media and content marketing made her join the founding team of Spoonful as the Head of Digital Marketing in the very early stage of our marketing agency, which opened completely new doors.

"The willingness to express yourself digitally has risen so dramatically in the last 10 years that nowadays it's no longer just a medium for individuals, but also brands need to be visible online. It’s not enough to send push messages though, a brand needs to give the consumer a reason to engage with it and its philosophy and in the best case to identify with it and share that with the world."

"And not to forget: Being responsible is the new black!"

The Food & Beverage market is experiencing a major change due to the numerous new start-ups which have social and environmental values ​​and their brand messages reflect the current transformation of society. They are the winners and force even the big global players like McDonalds or Unilever to rethink. The customers share their opinion 24/7 in social media and nowadays they don’t only express themselves through the way they dress, but also by what they eat, where they travel and how much plastic they collect from beaches etc...

For these reasons, a food brand must know who it is, which added value it offers to the consumer and the planet and how it achieves visibility in order to compete against other brands who serve the same target group. Finding the right strategy and brand message is indispensable for lifestyle food products, just like in fashion, and this is exactly where we start with SPOONFUL, because food is the new fashion and the customer is the multiplicator.

We are super happy to have Laura on the team, who is not only our inhouse consultant for anything related to the digital world, but also our very own, passionate trend scout for the German market.

If you would like to get in touch with her directly to talk about online visibility as a food & beverage brand, just drop her a message to

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