Meet the team - Neele & Anna, our wonderful designers

Our food & beverage design team: Who they are, how we met and what they would recommend to food & beverage brands in the German market!

Neele & Anna are the faces behind all our beautiful food & drinks designs, ranging from packaging to POS material, exhibition booths, print, Social Media posts and much more. You want to know a little more about our ambitious colleagues? Here we go!

Neele & Anna, could you describe yourselves and your background in a short introduction?

We are a young designer duo from Hamburg, which has been going through thick and thin together since 2010 in various jobs and position. After gaining our first design experience in eCommerce agencies and on the customer side, we both became involved in the publishing industry and German press distribution. Among many other, we worked for various food magazines, such as "eat & drink", "Jamie - the magazine of Jamie Oliver", "BEEF", "CHEFKOCH", etc. - which were our first points of contact with the food industry and we absolutely fell in love with it.

After our first years as employees and with extensive experiences from the fields of print and web design, we decided to go one step further and venture our way into independence. We never regretted that we started our own design agency since we got an incredibly steep learning curve and the best clients in return. We love every experience, every project and every new contact we can make.

How did you initially start working as designers for SPOONFUL?

As passionate foodies and wine lovers, we never let go of the Food & Beverage industry and always had a lot of fun with projects in that field, for example our development of the design concept for "home restaurant" by 25hours hotel in Hamburg. At one point – some might call it fate – our paths finally crossed with the SPOONFUL team, who was back then looking for food & beverage designers for their growing client base. The exciting thing for us as designers was: food & beverage design is incredibly versatile, because you can develop this topic on so many different levels and experience it again and again, but it never gets boring. Just like a recipe - there is not just one right, but a hundred of good variations. The possibilities are simply limitless. Unlike other categories, the food industry is one of the few where the target group can really experience the product with all their senses, and that is a great playground for us as designers. Therefore we are incredibly happy to be working extensively with the SPOONFUL team on all their projects and support with our feeling for “visual taste” in addition to the great products and brands we are supporting.

What is your best design advice - if there is one - for food & beverage companies?

Indeed there are a couple of things to bear in mind when it comes to food & beverage design, and we would give each grocery manufacturer the following tips:

1. Ask yourself which kind of feelings you want to convey in your target group. How should they perceive your brand? What kind of emotions should it evoke? This is the most important question in our times of Social Media and information overload, as great content sells. The more tangible and genuine a brand & product is, the stronger the customer relations become.

2. Less is sometimes more! The key message or the product should never get out of focus, as this is what will convince a customer of buying: Can he or she identify what kind of product is in front of him? Does it create appetite appeal? Is it easy to understand, so the buying decision is made easy? If you can get that right, you have already come more than half the way.

3. If in doubt, ask us directly ;)

The whole SPOONFUL team is so thankful to have found this incredible design duo as Neele & Anna are one of our key pillars when it comes to emotional, clear and on-point food & beverage design to make outstanding products sell better, as they also stand out in the shelves!

If you would like to take an even closer look at what else the two are providing in terms of great design, you can check out their own agency´s website here:

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