Why the food industry needs to become way more innovative

Aktualisiert: 14. Juli 2020

One of the largest industries of our planet can be a real climate killer, and that needs to change!

The food industry is becoming greener and more sustainable all over the planet, as consumers are asking for more eco-friendly alternatives of their day to day products. Manufacturers have to take responsibility for their ways of production, raw materials, packaging and their carbon and water footprint. But as this is a very complex matter, the whole industry is only starting to change.

Did you know for example, that the CO2 emissions for 1 kg of french fries is around 15 times higher than for the production of the same amount of fresh potatoes? Or that ecological upbringing of livestock is of course better for the animals, but only a little bit better for the overall carbon footprint? Many complex changes have to be undertaken in order to transform a food producer´s current situation into a climate friendly one. And to be fair: some industries have it much easier than others, of course, and young companies can take advantage of their small and flexible structures compared to multinational corporations that of course have a much harder time changing their given setup. But why is it actually so important at all that the food industry becomes more innovative?

There are of course much worse industries when it comes to the pollution of our planet, but our eating habits (especially in the western world) can definitely cause some big trouble too. Meat and dairy products have a naturally high carbon footprint due to the gas cows produce will being raised, but also products with especially long transport distances such as chocolate (cocoa beans) or avocado do not have the best effects on our climate. In such cases, raw material alternatives and/or better ways of production, more efficient farming and transport can make a real difference. And that will be crucial for the future of our whole planet and the next generations.

For that purpose, not only the food production itself, but also FoodTech and AgriTech play a very important role when it comes to a new, better version of our food supply industry. A lot of Foodtech startups are for example currently taking on the problem of food waste, as around 32% of our overall food production goes directly to the bin instead of onto our table. With new tech-solutions for retail, manufacturing and the end consumer, there is a good chance that this huge amount can be drastically reduced in a couple of years.

As eating will never be an industry or type of supply that we can eradicate (such as charcoal as an energy source, or getting rid of lead in gas), we need to change it into a better, cleaner and more sustainable one, so that future generations as well will be able to experience the same kind of indulgence, but with much less negative side effects. As the problem is now detected, and more and more companies from big to small want to tackle it, we are confident that the future of food will look much greener.

We are happy for all the great clients we could already work with on this matter, supporting them to get their "green stories" heard by the right people. If you would also like to talk about your saustainability efforts, CSR or your PR strategy for the German-speaking market, please feel free to contact us at "".

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