How to use TikTok for your food brand with a Millennial target group

If you only see Generation Z to be active on TikTok and therefore consider the platform to not be relevant for your target group, we have some good news for you. Millenials are now also equally represented on the app, according to a recently published study by TikTok. If you are targeting parents, the Social Media platform might be your new source for reach and engagement.

The so-called “digital natives” are gradually having children and are therefore turning to their social communities to ask for help or share tips. Not only the young parents themselves, but entire families (across generations) now put themselves in front of the camera together.

Already starting with their hashtags, the topic “family” is becoming more and more relevant on TikTok:

#family - 67B views

#momsoftiktok - 44B views

#dad - 25B views

#momlife - 20B views

#parenting - 4B views

In their recently published study from TikTok for Business, the platform looked at what parents post the most content about. Parents, obviously in contrast to their peers without children, post almost 60% more frequently about household appliances, 55% more frequently about snacks and 35% more frequently about food / grocery products. Especially for the food industry, this is a very interesting development.

Source: TikTok for business

Even more importantly, parents also shop online more frequently and look for recommendations there. They trust the judgment of influencers of the same age. Millennial mothers, for example, share purchase recommendations (unsolicited and unpaid) around ten times per month in the digital world, also on TikTok.

For brands targeting millennials or especially young families with children, this means that they can also reach this slightly older and more “mature” target group with a higher income on TikTok. Parents are no longer only to be found on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, as previously assumed. And this means that not only products for the parents themselves can be very well promoted, but also anything that children might need and want. Given this insight, there are opportunities for two target groups in one, which gives a lot of brands some great marketing possibilities.

Millennials - or parents - have now started to create a niche for themselves on TikTok and share content that moves them. This might also mean that it is worth considering looking for suitable influencers here. After all, many of these “TikTokers” have the trust of their followers and are active on other platforms, too. TikTok is far from being an app for dancing teenagers, music challenges or only funny videos anymore. Instead, older generations are gradually finding their way into the system as well. Those who join can quickly establish themselves in the parents' group on TikTok.

As a brand, it is also still fairly easy to generate reach and awareness on this social media platform. This is not necessarily true for the content creation itself, but for the competitive environment as well as the media budgets. If you are lacking ideas on how to promote your brand and product in TikTok style, there are also plenty of opportunities by reaching out to creators that know the platform and its rules well.

As with any “new” channel, TikTok is about to establish itself more and more in a broader group of society instead of being a tool only for kids and teenagers. This opens up an increasing amount of opportunities that brands can use for their own growth.

You need help with your TikTok campaigns or would like to discuss the opportunities in greater detail? Please just reach out to and we are happy to discuss.

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