Great copywriting for food marketing ads & content

Generally speaking, the success of good texts is reflected by two things only: the perception and actions of consumers after getting in touch with a brand´s texts. Of course, there are other important factors as well, but in the end it comes down to the result a text can create among the target audience. Only if the marketing goal is achieved the end, the work was truly successful. That is why we put together 4 tips for you, on how to best implement copywriting in your marketing, so that you can see better results.

1. Research - What does your target audience want?

Copywriting requires research and empathy. Before writing an effective advertising text or content material, research is the first step. It´s about finding out and filtering out as much information about the product and your target group as possible. This is easiest done via web research, and by checking social media channels for comments and reviews about your product and brand. What is the general perception of the public? What are their current concerns? What do they like best? Step by step, you will find out who your target group is and how to convince them of your product.

You can use the following questions in your research:

  • Why do customers buy from our brand?

  • What is posted on social media channels in the comments below our pictures?

  • Why are customers satisfied or possibly dissatisfied?

  • What is especially important to the target group?

  • What are their general interests?

The same game also works for your competitors, to find out what their potential clients like and dislike most about them.

The more you understand your target group and know what they really want, the better for your texts.

2. Data-based content – Which words trigger your target group?

This task is about creating convincing and appropriate content from the data you can obtain about your target group. Use your results and findings to write what your customers want to hear. You get that knowledge from your website, social media comments, e-mail and phone calls to your customer support team, reasons why people unsubscribe from a newsletter, official market research and so forth.

Especially when creating ads, your texts have to be short and on point, in order to grab people´s attention. Write about something that they might like to hear, and then run an A/B-test to see which text performs best.

3. Keep it simple

Some of you working a lot with text and copywriting will probably already know the KISS model. Here is a short summary: Keep it simple and stupid! When writing texts in advertising or for blog content, we need to be precise in our statements and requests, give people the information they need and then sum things up. Users do not want to spend hours reading through your website, they need quick information – maybe with the possibility to read more if they feel like it – and that´s it! Make it as easy as possible for the customer to understand what added value he gets from your product or advertisement. Especially for ads, this is a crucial part of your success story.

4. Test, test, test

As in most articles, also ours ends with testing, testing, testing... Of course it is not enough to just create great copies. As you will never really know what your audience thinks of your content until you publish it, you have to test different possibilities and versions. Not necessarily for a blog or landing page content, but definitely for digital advertising. The more often and more accurately you do it, the sooner you will have found two or three copywritings that work best for you and your product ads.

If you need support with regard to your copywriting, please feel free to get in touch!

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