Be an eyecatcher: How to increase your trade show success with our preparation checklist!

For any business, trade shows offer a great opportunity to showcase a product whilst meeting experts and enthusiasts within the industry. Often taking place in the biggest cities around the world, trade shows allow the public to experience your product and hopefully continue to come back as a loyal customer! Additional benefits of trade shows include the chance to raise brand awareness, forge business relationships, learn more about your competitors and have tons of highly targeted leads under one roof. To make the most of all a trade show has to offer, it is important though for businesses to prepare optimal presentations in order to achieve a positive result from potential customers. In our today´s blogpost, we have therefore put together a few tips every company should consider when preparing for a food & beverage trade show in Germany - a market with very interested and powerful buyers, which can be hard to convince though!

Food & beverage brand preparation checklist for trade shows in Germany:

● Create a clear and engaging trade show booth with an eye-appealing story!

An attractive and engaging exhibition stand is possibly the most important part of a company’s preparation work for a trade show. It is important to create an exciting booth that draws in consumers, whether it be by clearly showcasing the product or by highlighting the benefits of the product. Being aligned with the brands corporate identity is just as important as having enough product samples, so that the stand never runs out of stock!

● Prepare informative communications material!

It is also important to have informative, yet engaging, communication materials on hand at a trade show, such as flyers and sales folders. An interested buyer or consumer wants a clear, easy-to-understand story and a USP he or she can easily remember. Once attracted, taking some material home can be key for after-sales and spreading word of mouth. When creating these materials, businesses should consider how they want to present their brand to consumers as well as buyers, and what target group they are trying to appeal to at the trade show. Messages should always be presented to their specific target group, which is why it is important to have different sales folders or brochuers at hand, depending on who is approaching the brand.

● Bring something that leaves a lasting impression!

Most importantly, companies attending a trade show should offer a possibility for consumers to walk away from their booth with something in hand about the product or business. This way, they have not only learned something about the brand themselves, but they can also easily spread the message among colleagues, friends, family and Social Media. Think about your product, what it stands for, how the target group uses it and get a bit creative: an exraordinary business card, a cool gimmick, a little product add-on like a fancy straw for drinks or any other item that people can connect your brand with will leave a good and lasting impression. If this is a bit too extravagant, a nice recipe mini-booklet or a simple, yet beautiful flyer can have the same effect and gives your audience something to share and to talk about.

● Know Your Audience

Last but absolutely not least, make sure to have all business pitches ready in advance, as well as rehearsing answers to common questions you may be asked about your product and brand. Most people they know all this by heart, but in the heat of a trade show, and especially in connection with new product launches, this can become quite difficult, if not trained beforehand. This is especially important for international exhibitors who should take some time before the event to study the market in which they will be exhibiting, showing buyers that they know at least the most important facts and are willing to adapt to German consumers.

If you are currently looking to create the best trade show exhibit possible for your business, we would be more than happy to look into your current setup and bring your story, design and storytelling strategy to a next level. Simply e-mail us to or reach out via social media!

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