Facebook Watch video formats: Series vs. Playlists and when to use what

Video content can help brands and companies to attract their target group in a very emotional way. Video formats have therefore started to be one of the top content priorities for brands in a long time. Especially brands that have a deep connection with their fanbase and a very appealing story to tell can profit from moving pictures, that are not only available as tv commercials nowadays. Facebook now also offers a new way of structuring video content in series and playlists on their platform Facebook Watch. Today we explain what the difference is and how you can use both formats in your content strategy.

On Facebook, several video formats have been introduced in recent years. Facebook Watch, for example, is a video destination that focuses on making publishing videos on Facebook more flexible. Playlists and Series is one way to do that, and this content format type enables three things at a time - organizing videos, driving discovery, and publishing content.

Playlists and Series: What is the difference?

In a playlist you can collect different videos, which usually have something in common, for example the same basic theme they all talk about. Series are even more related in content, they belong to a programme and partly build up on each other - like you know it from a classic tv series. Series on Facebook enable the creator to publish trailers or to refer to upcoming seasons - so if videos can be viewed as single episodes, they should be put online as a series. If, on the other hand, they are not comparable with a traditional tv format and are only similar in an overall theme, they better go into a playlist. According to Facebook, content sorted into playlists and series can increase viewer engagement, as the viewer is directly offered the next suitable episode. In addition, theme grouping increases the likelihood that the brand content will be found in searches for similar topics. When people search for a brand´s playlists and series, videos that are in those playlists and series will actually appear higher up in search results.

How to decide if your content is a series or a playlist

In food marketing, the most common video motives everyone thinks of are recipes and How To´s/DIY´s, behind the scenes clips, dietary consulting and background videos about the ingredients, sourcing and production. All of those usually do not belong to a fixed series, but are more tied together by a common theme - and would therefore be grouped in a playlist. However, if your content is for example a cooking lesson or dietary coaching, where one step is build upon the other, try to turn it into a series and compare the results. This way, you cannot only measure performance, but also learn how people actually consume your content and if they follow through.

Both video formats - playlists and series - can be created using the Facebook Creator Studio. Either a video is uploaded and added to an existing playlist or series, or a new one is created. It is also possible to upload and sort several videos at the same time. If you have enough video content, you can use it to test which of the formats works better in terms of performance. With the increasing importance of videos on Facebook, this is not an area that should be neglected.

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