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Expert interview with German PR-consultant and team member Katrin Becht

Aktualisiert: 30. Juli 2019

Katrin Becht is owner & PR specialist at Munich-based Herzblut PR agency, SPOONFUL´s partner in crime in all public relations questions.

Katrin has been doing PR for mostly f&b startups for over 10 years now. In that business, finding the USPs, building a memorable brand and telling the stories in an authentic way are the most important factors for success. The media and also influencers want to know more than just a simple product usage, they want to know about the people who made it, the stories around it and the experience customers will have with it.

Katrin knows exactly how to adress the different target groups in the German market and get the right story across.

Katrin, what are - in your opinion - the most difficult challenges for food & beverage brands that want to be successful in the German market?

“I see two major challenges for any food & beverage brand entering the German market. The first is to create a product – with the intensive field of competition around – that is truly unique and outstanding. May it not be due to the ingredients, then at least the storytelling and people behind the brand should create an image of “this is who I would like to buy from”. Another major aspect is not only getting into retail, but also stay in the shelf. Getting the first listings is already complicated, but getting enough shelf rotation is key to actually be purchased again and again by the buyers. And this is of course the baseline for longterm success. Therefore brands need to make sure that as soon as they are being sold in retail, their marketing to end consumers is working as well. Getting this timing right and making enough effort here can sometimes be challenging.”

What do you consider the most promising marketing strategies and/or tools for food & beverage brands in the German market?

“Due to my background, of course I focus on communications and marketing and believe that it still is a highly important tool for long term success. Already before you get the first listings or start selling in your online shop you should know what the marketing strategy looks like, because it is not only important to have the product ready for sale – people also need to know about it! For new brands, I consider PR, Influencer Marketing and Social Media as the three top tools to effectively create a lot of awareness among the target group. You can chose what you publish, when and to whom and the story of your company can be told in many different ways that have the best fir to the current situation. In my opinion, they are also some of the most cost effective tools because they are easy to measure and control. Of course though, especially in PR and when working with influencers, good knowledge of the language and relevant contacts are crucial, so a local partner might be an easy door-opener compared to creating the whole network from scratch.

But what is generally important again: try to be as unique as possible and invest in your brand building and storytelling! Tell your stories honestly and authentically, engage with your customers and try to be more than just food. Because that is what people get really interested in.”

Katrin Becht

Owner of Herzblut PR & Text


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