How customer-centric communication builds a strong food brand

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Marina Lommel is the founder of Foodpunk and got voted into the top 100 founders list in the DACH region by Business Punk. With her company, she offers personalized nutrition counselling in a fun and modern way and grew a “tribe” of now already 80,000 followers and happy customers, Marina knows best how to communicate the right messages around her brand. Even though her ideas never got created for marketing purposes, but a deep care for the people in her community. How Foodpunk deals with communication, puts customer needs to the spotlight and grew to a huge fanbase in only a couple of years: find out in this interview!

Marina, when you started Foodpunk back in 2015, did you already know what the actual pain points of your customers would be, or how did you find them?

“Foodpunk was started out of passion after I completed my degree in nutritional science. I had a deep understanding for the topic, but always felt that a lot of people see healthy nutrition in a poor light. They often feel like outsiders or nerds when they think a lot about what they eat, instead of seeing good eating habits as a fun, light and kind of playful hobby that makes them healthier, fitter, slimmer and more awake during the day. I wanted to change that, and create a way that helps everyone to eat and feel better while having a lot of fun, understanding how our body works and how it reacts to food.

As I was deeply rooted in this “community” myself, I kind of was my own customers, so I new exactly what the pain points are and how fascinating more knowledge on nutrition can be. So yes, I already knew what my potential customers would react to, and got only more and more insights along the way of course.”

Which content does your target group like best and how do you communicate with them to get those messages across?

„Our customers are happy about any kind of „nutrition facts content“, as they want to change their life for the better. A lot of profound insights are important, so they can better understand how their body works and what happens with specific food products. In order to do that, we of course do not only provide them with basic information, but go really deep (without being boring!) to explain nutritional science in a fun and extremely exciting way (it should be fun doing something for your health and body, right?!). We teach them about our gut flora, metabolism, fat combustion and different kinds of hormones that cause us to be hungry. Combined with a lot of practical tips how this new knowledge can be integrated in their day to day living, our customers really celebrate our content and have become extremely proud and happy “Foodpunks” themselves. The best brand ambassadors and fans we could have wished for!”

Marina, is there anything you could recommend other brands, if they also want to put more communicative emphasis on the pain points of their customers?

“As I described earlier, our content and knowledge was already there, before we even thought about our company of the size that it is by now. My honest recommendation is not to look for solutions from the perspective of sales and marketing. Creating a story around a product that is actually not that tasty, not that smart or not that helpful is not a good idea. Digging deep to find your customers need and then creating a product around it that REALLY helps them is what I would always go for. You cannot create great messages around a sh*** product without being perceived as dishonest. Start by truly caring about your customers, about their pains, about your actual solution for them (as a product or a service) and only then, worry about the communications part. As you can imagine: if the solution is already great, the content comes easy. And if you can at last match it with your company values and show how you can make an impact in people´s lives, your messages could not be more honest. This is how you create a loyal customer base.”

This interview was held by Katharina Wagner, founder & General Manager of SPOONFUL Food + Beverage Marketing.

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