Creative food ads that make you crave more

What is the best way to make customers not only remember your food brand, but also really enjoy how you are getting in touch with them? And in addition, buy your products because you actually matter to them? Above all mechanics, tools and channel selection, it is probably how creative your advertising is, and how much people can remember it, because it sticks out of the masses. But being creative, as well as funny, bold or memorable is much easier said than done. As we know the challenges from our everyday agency life, we put together a little list of our top food marketing ads and hope to share with you some inspiration, as well as eye-opening facts for great food & beverage advertising, that works.

1. The boldest move: Letting an ad speak for itself!

We are starting right with the best in class when it comes to bold food advertising. An ad like this one published by Heinz Ketchup is very likely to leave any customer with a mouthwatering impression of your taste, just by looking at a simple picture. Of course, you can only be this "clean and simple", if your brand is one of the few global players that exist in almost every household. In that case, your marketing has already come a long way, as nearly a font alone reveal who you are. It is still an amazing example of how easy things can be!

2. Using seasonal topics to celebrate your brand!

Celebrating who you are and what you stand for as a brand is great, but you can create even more memorable effects, if you connect to a seasonal, regional or target-group based event. Barilla and Pepsi show how this is done, so that a brand also plays an important role at the year´s highlights and festivities.

3. A little bit of fun: Using self-irony to make people smile

Brands - no matter how large or small they might be - never only have fans. Not taking yourself too seriously and creating a little bit of fun around a brand is therefore always a good idea, at least in the case of food advertising. No matter what it is that people make fun of when they get in touch with your brand, try to use it in your best interest. As McDonald´s, nutella and Marmite show us here - everything is possible from just a little joke around your brand and target audience, to a proper "I know not everybody loves me but the right people do" kind of attitude.

4. New ingredients, presented the fun way

A new recipe can be a quite boring thing to communicate, but if you do it the right way, people will love that you changed some ingredients, moved to the healthier side or changed your traditional recipe for a more modern perception. These two examples by Kraft and the new, sugar-free Chupa Chups version show in an amazing way, how funny, yummy and appealing new ingredients can be. An information, that your target audience will for sure not miss with an ad like that.

5. Talking to all senses: When your flavours are the star!

Making flavours the hero of a food or beverage ad creative is probably one of the first things that comes to mind, yet it is not always executed in a really appealing way. Make sure to always be as yummy as it gets, and incorporate your brand according to how it is best perceived by your target group. Curtis and Starbucks give great examples of what it feels like, if the ad viewer would straight away love to taste the product after seeing the ad...not later, not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW!!

Great ads & creative ideas will of course not always fly to you with no efforts, and depending on your campaign, it can be extremely challenging to come up with ideas that are newer, bigger and better than all the ones you have created before. But as you can see, it is definitely worth the effort. If you need help with your ad creations, campaigns or general designs, we are always happy to help. Just reach out to and we will be there straight away.

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