Content Strategy Quick Check: Are you still on track?

How has your content been lately? Every now and then you should take a step back and evaluate what you are doing. If not, content marketing can quickly become a machinery that’s just producing content for the sake of having content. Are you sharing assets that are helping you to get closer to your business goals? Is your tone of voice communicating your desired brand identity? Are you measuring the right KPIs in order to evaluate if your content is successful?

If your answer to everything is yes – perfect! If not, let us help you out a little.

1. Set your goal

The base of every content strategy is to know why you are doing what you are doing. What is it that you want to achieve with your output?

Be clear about what you want to accomplish and structure your content accordingly.

Here are some ideas for organizing your content into overall goals and corresponding subcategories:


  • Emotionalize your brand and strengthen your brand identity

  • Share your brand message

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

Customer Relations

  • Build loyalty and trust

  • Interact with your target group

  • Get consumer feedback

  • Development of new target groups


  • Highlight your USPs

  • Educate about products

  • Launch new products


  • Sell products or services

  • Generate qualified leads

For every piece of content you share, make sure to know what you want to achieve with it. Otherwise, it’s just a nice asset which is also great from time to time, but it won’t really get you closer to your business goals.

2. Tone of voice: Be yourself

Easier said than done. First you need to know who you really are.

If your brand was a person, what would he/she look like? Eat, wear, work and buy? Dig deep to get a clear picture of what the world will see/feel when they start a relationship with you.

Think about your values as a brand and let them be the guiding stars that are shaping every aspect of your business. It could be passion, quality or sustainability as long as you feel it a 100% and want it to become part of your brand message, it should be one of your defined core values.

Once you know who you are, find out who your audience is. Who are you talking to and are you speaking the same language? Just as you did before for your brand, you can build personas of your audience, investigate their demographics and find out how to become relevant to them.

3. Love your metrics

In order to evaluate if your content is successful take a look at step 1, your goals.

For every goal you should try to set a KPI. For example, you can measure conversion rates for a sales goal or engagement rates to indicate your customer relations. Whatever you want to achieve, make sure to track it and set benchmarks so you know what is working and what is not.

To sum all of this up: try to avoid doing things without a reason and become a brand with content that is giving value to your target group!

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