Why are the SPOONFUL brand colors actually pink and green?

You think there was no reason behind our choice of colors? Of course there was, and here we will tell you more about it...

In our last blog post, we already explained to you the benefits of using the Limbic Map when it comes to brand and campaign design for food & beverage products, and we are true believers, that the strategy of incorporating human emotions into all marketing activities is crucial to their success.

So why did we actually decide to go for some rather bright brand colors and chose pink and a neon green to visualize SPOONFUL? The first reason is not so hard to guess and it does not have that much to do with human emotions and brain triggers. We simply wanted to express that we are a young, creative and disruptive marketing agency, that develops modern campaigns that help your food & beverage brand to grow in the competitive, German market. New brands and products need to be seen and heard, and that works best, if they are a little bit different. And so are we.

However, our colors also reflect the deeper reason our company, and how we would like to work with our clients. Red is a very typical color for food products, but looking at pink and the Limbic Map, this color is more a symbol for creative and imaginative areas in life. As we are highly creative and love this part of our job, it was important to us to symbolize that straight from the beginning, which is why our main color has been chosen to be pink.

Green is also a typical food color and comes across very natural and healthy, but the Limbic Map points out that it also stands for growth and trust, two very important topics in our day to day business. Our marketing efforts are always driven by growth, because we focus on what makes a brand become stronger and better known among consumers, and which activities help to seel more products. Without those key drivers, we would not start any new product, so growth is a crucial part of our identity as a marketing agency.

And we also love to work together with clients on eye-level and in a very respectul manner, which is again reflected by the color green.

As our subline already implies "A SPOONFUL is all it takes", and that is also symbolized by our color scheme: get a creative and trustworthy marketing agency on board to grow your food & beverage brand in the German market.

For some more examples of brand logos and what they are potentially trying to express with their choice of colors, this overview gives some great insights:

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