Our ANUGA visit 2019: Trends, findings & behind the scenes

What we found out about the German food & beverage market at this year´s exhibition ANUGA? We are happy to share our insights with you!

ANUGA, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages, is always a must-see for companies wishing to showcase their latest culinary innovations and for foodies wishing to taste the best the industry has to offer. ANUGA 2019, held as always in Cologne, certainly did not disappoint!

With over 7,500 exhibitors from 106 countries, the fair proved to be an exciting show of the most revolutionary food and beverage products around the world. In addition to - of course - being delicious, many of these products are tackling important challenges in the industry and beyond, such as improving sustainability, introducing more meat-free alternatives, and decreasing plastic consumption.

Most important food trends...if you ask us:

Meat Alternatives:

A few particular plant-based meat substitutes made it to the list of this year´s top 10 innovations, voted on by international journalists and market research analysts, at ANUGA 2019. One of the products honored by the judges was the Protein Burger by ​Bunte Burger GmbH​, which, unlike most of its competitors, does not try to imitate the taste and texture of a traditional meat patty. Bunte Burger’s founders opened the first purely vegetable organic-burger restaurant in Germany in 2015 with the belief, that a vegetable-based diet has the power to have an enormously positive impact on nutrition on health, the environment, the climate, and on animal and human rights. A great innovation and vision, and well-deserved top raking in this year´s innovation hitlist.

Novel Raw Materials:

ANUGA 2019 also promoted the introduction of many new, novel raw material products which have the power to transform the process of how we create food. One example, also voted by the judges at a top 10 innovation, was ​Avita Vegetable Hemp Sticks for Foodservice​ by Schne-frost. Avita Vegetable Hemp Sticks are tasty vegetables like chickpeas, corn, carrots, parsnips, and peas combined with hemp seeds. Like other snacks like fish sticks, they taste especially great when matched with dips. Hemp food products definitely made their mark on ANUGA 2019, from lemonades and iced tea to chewing gum and hemp bread with pumpkin seeds.


One of the most exciting plastic-free innovations of this year - following a trend in the industry that started a couple of years ago - is ​True Gum​, a chewing gum completely free from plastic, that is also vegan and 100% biodegradable. Instead of most modern chewing gums, True Gum does not contain petro-chemicals (plastics), aspartame, an artificial sweetener, and BHA, a synthetic antioxidant which has been shown to have hormone disturbing effects. In addition to its sweet, 100% natural composition, True Gum comes in an array of tasty flavours like Mint & Matcha, Raspberry & Vanilla, Ginger & Tumeric, and Liquorice & Eucalyptus. We hope, that product innovations like this onyl pave the way for many more, plastic-free alternatives to come!

And what did our visit look like...behind the scenes??

Here’s a taste of some of the fun and deliciousness we had at ANUGA 2019!

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