What consumers wish for when it comes to "Corona ads" - especially for Christmas

In general, most consumers expect nothing fundamentally different from advertising than before the Corona pandemic. This was recently found out by a study of MediaAnalyzer in the German market. According to the study, the wishes of German consumers for brand communication have remained largely the same: Advertising should spark interest, be emotional and informative. And it should remain as authentic as possible. At the same time, however, most consumers expect advertising to respond responsibly to the current exceptional situation.

"Normality" instead of "Corona all over"

More than three quarters (77%) of consumers in the study think that advertising should be "largely normal" again. However, about two thirds (69%) expect that advertising in the current situation should also be sensitive. In addition, 90% expect a positive mood, because ads are allowed to be funny and original again (91%).

Moreover, the new distance rules seem to have become second nature to consumers. When asked about motifs that tend to be rejected, for example in the case of sports, only images that show few people at a distance are accepted. When it comes to parties, the only variant that meets with little rejection is the picture of two friends together - big parties tend to be frowned upon. For shopping scenes, the depiction of many people without distance is a particular problem and not perceived positively by consumers. When it comes to the topic of holidays, pictures of many people in one spot also create reactance. The depiction of people in nature, on the other hand, does not cause rejection as long as they are not close together.

What does Corona mean for Christmas advertising this year?

Christmas 2020 is under the influence of Corona - that is already clear. The majority of consumers would like advertisers to create campaigns with special messages around this year's Christmas celebrations, with special focus on the circumstances of the pandemic. This is the result of a study by the video advertising platform Unruly.

When groups are shown, images of more than two people or a family are currently critical. In addition, the protagonists should keep their distance as far as possible. Masks, on the other hand, almost none of the respondents would like to see in commercials.

When it comes to wording, MediaAnalyzer found out that terms such as "natural", "life", "joy" and "trust" currently receive the greatest approval. Keywords such as "fun", "climate-friendly", "future" or "together" have significantly lower approval ratings. Those are interesting findings that will certainly be used in many Christmas advertisings this year.

The new normal?!

"Certainly, the current situation reveals an ambivalent challenge. There is a strong desire for normality and positive messages, but on the other hand, unresonable behaviour of protagonists leads to clear rejection," says Joachim Netz, advertising effects specialist at MediaAnalyzer, about the results. "But the good news is that with sufficient tact and sensitivity, the biggest cliffs can be safely circumnavigated".

For the study, MediaAnalyzer interviewed 600 people resident in Germany online, representative of the population. The market research period ended on 23 October.

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